Cancellations because of Corona virus

13 March 2020

Some of our shows and festivals got cancelled or postponed due to the Corona virus:

  • THELONIOUS in Beveren, Zaventem, at the Teatralia festival in Madrid (SP), in Heist-o/d-Berg, Antwerp (hetpaleis), Dendermonde and at the Sound in Space festival in Bonn (DE)
  • Klopotec Orkestra in Lint and Genk
  • MADE IN KWAKKABA in Rumst and Leuven
  • SHEL(L)TER in Ghent and at the Cultura Nova festival in Heerlen (NL)
  • Copper & Skin in Brussels (BRONKS) and at the Noorderzon festival in Groningen (NL)
  • HUSH at Les Festivals de Wallonie (premiere) and AlbaNova (Bilzen)
  • Songs with Roots II in Tessenderlo
  • BIG BANG Festival in Seville, Dublin, Enschede, Reykjavík, Rennes, Québec and Athens

Take care & stay safe ❤️