Two YAM awards for THELONIOUS and Copper & Skin

03 October 2019

From amongst 70+ international live music productions from over 20 different countries, 10 amazing experiences for young audiences were nominated for the 2019 YAM awards. On the 1st of October 2019 during the YAM awards Ceremony in Horsens, Denmark, 5 of them were crowned winners.

Copper & Skin, by Zonzo Compagnie

"Copper & Skin takes you to a world where you forget about the surroundings and just enjoy the journey of virtuous music and inventive visualisation and choreography. Nothing in this production is missing and there is just the right amount of everything. It is artistically very high level but not in the way that excludes someone from the audience by taking it too far. During the show, you simply start to live through the instruments and movement in this elegant, stylish and innovative show that proves that with quality elements, but a somewhat minimalistic approach, you can achieve something marvellous. This piece really stands out in its category with its uniqueness and creativity, but especially by the quality that it has in music, visual design, performance and choreography as a whole."

THELONIOUS, by Zonzo Compagnie

Over the last month, online audiences have been fervently voting for their favourite productions to decide the YAM Public Choice award. Thousands of voters from more than 40 countries have done their bit and the result are now in!
And in first place came THELONIOUS by Zonzo Compagnie with 652 votes!