Zonzo Compagnie

Zonzo Compagnie conquers the world with intriguing performances about the work of fascinating musicians and composers. Earlier, the music of John Cage and Miles Davis was unveiled and tackled, now it’s Luciano Berio’s turn.

Following the wayward recipe of this Italian composer, the music world is turned on its head more than once. You hear a sung strip album, skilfully take part in the mixing of several composers, and his delicious folk songs are dished up right in front of you.

Berio would certainly have jumped for joy at this cheerful, beautiful musical portrait. (De Standaard ****)

Four musicians guide you through music history, shift some musical borders, pass by Berio’s muse and hyper-talented wife Cathy Berberian and leave us behind with the pleasant observation that the music world is a powder-barrel of creative possibilities.

On stage, you see and hear the ensemble Revue Blanche, that recently won the Klara prize for young talent. Musicians of an extraordinary level, who have found in Letizia Renzini an ideal partner to turn the world of Luciano Berio into a wonderful multi-medial performance.

Winner of the YAM Public Choice award 2016


LETIZIA RENZINI & REVUE BLANCHE concept LETIZIA RENZINI stage direction & video LUCIANO BERIO, CATHY BERBERIAN & REVUE BLANCHE music REVUE BLANCHE musical performance PIETER NYS technique, light & stage design JOHANNA TRUDZINSKI costumes

Played by Revue Blanche: Lore Binon (soprano), Caroline Peeters (flute), Anouk Sturtewagen (harp) & Kris Hellemans (viola) 

A production by Zonzo Compagnie, in coproduction with Revue Blanche, Concertgebouw Brugge, Jeugd en Muziek Vlaanderen and KC Rataplan. With the support of Flanders and the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.