Radio Lomax


Zonzo Compagnie

The world is full of beautiful songs: lullabies, songs for celebrating, songs for mourning, songs for reaping or sowing, songs with a crazy story, songs for going out, ...

Especially for you, Radio Lomax will go in search of these hidden gems. This new band with three beautiful voices and two punchy instrumentalists will bring them to life. They take their inspiration from Alan Lomax. Maybe his name doesn't ring a bell, but all his life he was travelling, in search for the most beautiful songs to save them from oblivion. The result: a dizzying archive full of stories and songs that has inspired countless musicians.

Now Radio Lomax will play you a series of wondrous songs, found in Alan Lomax's archive (or just around your corner).


performance Aline Goffin, Enicé Mokamba, Amel Sdiri, Bert Bernaerts & Tijl Piryns
song selection & arrangements Jan Van Outryve
production Zonzo Compagnie
with support from Flanders