BIG BANG Festival


Zonzo Compagnie

BIG BANG is a festive ode to adventurous music and sound art for young audiences. Every year several major cultural venues in Europe, Brazil and Canada are transformed into an adventurous musical labyrinth. On their exploration, young visitors are presented with a multicoloured musical programme of unforgettable musical performances, intriguing sound installations and rousing concerts. But at BIG BANG, children do not only have to sit still and listen. It is simply a festival to discover.


Although the festival has its own local flavour and form in each city, there are some elements that are integral to the concept:

  • impression & expression: we alternate the intense concentration of listening to a concert with an activity. Think, for example, of an interactive installation or workshop. In this way, impression and expression alternate naturally.
  • authenticity: the atmosphere and the quality of the relationship between performer and audience are important. That is why we choose musicians and performers who communicate with the audience in an active and authentic way.
  • exploration, boundaries and adventure: the festival is an adventurous voyage of discovery. Therefore, a variety of genres, styles and levels is important.
  • well-being: BIG BANG is a festival where audiences feel at ease, act spontaneously, show vitality and self-confidence.
  • ambassadors: a team of young ambassadors is assembled for each festival. They are the eyes and ears of the festival and welcome the audience.
  • NOMAD: with a NOMAD project, BIG BANG capitalises on the cultural richness of the contemporary city. A professional musician will create musice together with a group of children. The children's musical talents and cultural influences merge with those of the musician.

BIG BANG partners 2024

Once upon a time, BIG BANG started, then under the name "Oorsmeer" in Belgium. Many years later, it is an international festival concept with organisers all over the world. These are the network's current partners: