Hip Hub


Zonzo Compagnie

In this fascinating interactive installation, Congolese singer Junior Akwety appears opposite you - not the real one, but his avatar. Let him guide you! First, Junior’s pixelated double teaches you a few tricks. Then he turns your movements into music, and you determine the groove! 

Step into Hip Hub and learn to move to Junior’s rhythm to create the first colourful notes of a lively new pop song! 

2023 - Hip Hub (6+)


music Junior Akwety & Jeroen Malaise
sound recording & mix Jo Thielemans
virtual production Kristof Timmerman & studio.POC
project coordination Geert De Coninck
digital development Florian Stigter Van Thillo, Lowie Spriet en Rob Mertens
mocap & photogrammetry Immersive Lab (AP Hogeschool)
production Zonzo Compagnie

with support from