Zonzo Compagnie

With Farfelu Zonzo Compagnie scored a true hit. A clever selection of original animated films and visuals were given a dazzling musical accompaniment by foley artist Rémi Decker.

Now it is time for a sequel. In Zigoto, multi-instrumentalist Decker is once again the star. Like a "one man band", he matches his sound (banjo! bagpipes! thumb piano! whistles! guitar! percussion!) with visuals in which strange types and crazy characters pass by. To complete the show, the audience is given an active role. Thus, Zigoto becomes a rollercoaster for ears and eyes. Hopefully you will stay on track ...


music & performance Rémi Decker
direction Wouter Van Looy
production Zonzo Compagnie
in cooperation with the Merode region (BE)