Toon Quanten

A playing field full of tiles forms an interactive experience trail. The tiles have different heights and profiles. Each step or jump generates a new sound or experience.

A layered graphic score shows the different possibilities of the playing field. The motto: just try and discover new combinations together! Playground combines sound with all kinds of experiences. Listen, look and feel ...

2023 - Speelplaats/Playground (5+)

A visual guide helps you on your way to building the music. Graphic symbols suggest, for instance, accelerations and decelerations or the density and height of the notes. But above all, they inspire you to free sound expression.

Playground breathes experimentation, both as an individual and with others. This magical installation builds your self-confidence and simply provides bins of playing pleasure. Playground seeks a way, away from life's fears, straight to life's art.


installation Toon Quanten (
in cooperation with Ben Dams & Tine Joris
with support from Flanders