roundABOUT #Tsubasa Hori


Zonzo Compagnie & ChampdAction

PREMIERE 26th SEPTEMBER 2021 at Handelsbeurs, Gent

Welcome to roundABOUT. Zonzo Compagnie's new mini-arena opens its doors for the first time. It is a circular magic box that can accommodate a small audience and a soloist and literally surround them with video and sound.

Japanese percussionist Tsubasa Hori sets foot in this magical arena. Her world is that of the Taiko drum, but she also plays a whole range of instruments. Accompanying herself on the Shamisen, she sings songs and narrates.

Her starting point is the Bon dance: a colourful, festive ritual in honour of the spirit realm, the realm of the ancestors that is celebrated extensively in Japan. With video projections by Sarah Yu Zeebroek and Willem Mertens, she evokes a wonderful world, a roundabout of changes and metamorphoses. German director Vera Tussing is responsible for the dramaturgy of the piece and assists Tsubasa with the choreography. 



TSUBASA HORI concept, music & musical performance VERA TUSSING dramaturgy & choreography SARAH YU ZEEBROEK visual design WILLEM MERTENS video animation WOUTER VAN LOOY sound design JO THIELEMANS stage design ARTHUR DE VUYST technician JOHANNA TRUDZINSKI costume Design LISA GAMBEY assistant costume design

A production of Zonzo Compagnie & ChampdAction in coproduction with Handelsbeurs and KAAP. With the support of Flanders and the support of Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government.