Songs with Roots I

Zonzo Record

Songs with Roots I is Zonzo Records' second release. After the succesful Slumberland by An Pierlé and Fulco Ottervanger, Jan Van Outryve and Soetkin Baptist take you on a trip around the globe in a search for Root Songs. Composer and lutist Jan Van Outryve makes a selection from the colossal song archive of the American musicologist Alan Lomax. For the album Songs with Roots, he arranged these songs for the wonderful voices of Soetkin Baptist, Aline Goffin and Naomi Beeldens, lute, cittern, ukulele, nyckelharpa (Didier François), double bass (Tim Vandenbergh) and percussion (Tijl Piryns). 

Elan was an extraordinary girl. She could hear everything. Everywhere she went, she heard snatches of song. One night, Elan had a dream. She dreamt of making a huge machine to collect all the songs in. The very next day, she left.
With her tape recorder tucked under her arm, she travelled all over the world collecting songs that could send babies to sleep, songs that could heal, songs for curing headaches, songs to make people happy and songs for celebrations; but also songs that tickled, songs that stung, and songs for poking fun at people.

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The Songs with Roots - Magical songs cd is available in stores, but you can also order it by sending an e-mail with your name and address to and by transferring 17,50 € (shipping costs included) to our bank account BE33 0682 3950 4646, don't forget to mention "CD Songs with Roots + your name". If you wish the CD to be shipped abroad, please transfer 20 € to include the higher shipping costs.

The printed album is available in Dutch, Spanish and Norwegian, please mention Spanish or Norwegian if you wish to purchase the album in one of those languages. You can also listen to the different versions online: 

  • English: Songs with Roots / Magical songs
  • French: Chansons avec des Racines / Chansons magiques
  • Norwegian: Songar med Røter / Magiske songar
  • Spanish: Canciones con Raíces / Canciones mágicas

Liedjes met Wortels I is issued by Zonzo Records in collaboration with Evil Penguin Records, MotorMusic and New ARTS.