Zonzo Compagnie & Aya Suzuki

Welcome to Karakuri, a world in which movement becomes sound. In a room full of metal objects, a woman appears. Is she real or is she a puppet? Does she move herself, does she hang from invisible strings or is there a mechanism inside her? On her course through the space, sound emerges, rhythms echo and melodies become audible. Suddenly the space seems to answer and take on a life of its own. Who is steering and who is following? Is movement music or is it the other way around?

Karakuri is a performance by three brilliant artists. Japanese percussionist Aya Suzuki is alone on stage. Architect/musician/sound artist Toon Quanten created a wonderful world of musical automata for her. Choreographer Femke Gyselinck (GRIP), weaves music and movement into a wondrous whole.


performance Aya Suzuki
choreography Femke Gyselinck
set & sound installation Toon Quanten
costumes Nel Maertens
musical advice Tom Pauwels
production Zonzo Compagnie
co-production Concertgebouw BruggeSTUK & Perpodium
in cooperation with Ictus Ensemble
with the support of the Belgian Federal Government's tax shelter through Cronos Invest