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The music theatre production of Slumberland was loaded with stars in reviews and was called "one big highlight" by the press. The stunning nocturnal tour by An Pierlé, Fulco Ottervanger and Nathalie Teirlinck is also available on CD and video on the Zonzo Records label. Now you can also watch and listen to magical figures like moon girl and little sand man at home.

Order online

The gorgeous Slumberland cd is available in stores, but you can also order it by sending an e-mail with your name and address to and by transferring 17,50 € (shipping costs included) to our bank account BE33 0682 3950 4646 and don't forget to mention "CD Slumberland + your name". If you wish the CD to be shipped abroad, please transfer 20 € to include the higher shipping costs.

Enclosed in the CD leaflet you will find a card with an access code for the video captation of Slumberland.

Slumberland is issued by Zonzo Records in collaboration with Evil Penguin Records and Helicopter Records.