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Songs with Roots

The performances of Songs with Roots (I, II & XL) present the most beautiful songs from the archive of ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. He collected songs from all over the world so that they would never be lost. With that in mind, Zonzo Compagnie continues its voyage of discovery of characteristic songs through unique projects.

Songs with Roots & Deutsche Oper am Rhein

UFO sighted in Bruckhausen! In March, the young mobile sound laboratory of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein will land right in the middle of the multi-coloured district of Bruckhausen, Duisburg. For six weeks, the UFO will be transformed into a vibrant, creative meeting place for all curious Duisburg citizens and will also be the setting for a brand new world premiere: "Songs with Roots" looks into the homes and hearts of local residents, listens to their stories and their favourite music and transforms them into a multimedia musical theatre performance that is very close to the people and their stories.

Together with composer Jan van Outryve and video artist Annabel Verbeke, Wouter van Looy is now arranging the songs and stories of the Bruckhausen communities into a musical-theatrical showcase of the neighbourhood in "Songs with Roots".
The premiere will be flanked by workshops and installations compiled and supervised by students from the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

23 March 2022 - 7 May 2022


GEDEON DEPAUW sound design JAN VAN OUTRYVE arrangements & concept WOUTER VAN LOOY scenography ANNABEL VERBEKE video ANNA GRUNDMEIER dramaturgy ALESKANDRA POPOVSKA solist

Songs with Roots - © Daniel Senzek / Silas Wolf

UFO ©Jo Alex Berg