Zonzo Compagnie


A barrage of crazy animated films. A musical centipede. And a lot of noise. 

Farfelu means as much as crazy, bizarre, extravagant. In this performance we go for crazy, crazier, craziest! 
A parade of strange figures, crazy machines and bizarre creatures passes before your eyes. They are brought to life with banging, squeaking, gagging, flattery, bamboozling and sounds that musician Rémi Decker shakes out of his sleeve. Your eyes won't believe your ears, but this is all happening live! And who knows, Rémi might even get a guest role on the silver screen...

Your eyes won't believe your ears, but this is all happening live!

Farfelu is a cinema concert with a sophisticated selection of the most original animated films (2D, 3D, stop-motion) and a live soundtrack performed by - meanwhile specialist in the genre - Rémi Decker. Musical influences can be heard from traditional folk, seamlessly merging into bruitage and abstract sounds. Rémi functions as a one man band and uses his talent as a multi-instrumentalist to the fullest, switching between bagpipes, guitar, banjo, flutes, thumb piano and all kinds of percussion. Visually, the films are strung together thanks to new visuals by Beatriz Bagulho in which an animated version of Rémi appears that enters into a dialogue with his alter ego on stage. 


RÉMI DECKER music & musical performance BEATRIZ BAGULHO visuals LAURA MIRANDA MORENO animation assistance ARTHUR DE VUYST & WOUTER VAN LOOY set design ARTHUR DE VUYST technician

Intro, Tea, Trumpet, Water, Hair, Scissor, X-Ray, Vacuum Cleaner, Finale - Beatriz Bagulho & Laura Miranda Moreno
Mosquito loop - Anni Oja
The Table is Set - Miira Tonteri
My Strange Grandfather - Dina Velikovskaya
Wet business - Dina Velikovskaya
Pro Mamu - Dina Velikovskaya
Boneless - Abdullah Saeed
The Itch - Yang Huang

A production by Zonzo Compagnie in coproduction with JEF Festival. With the support of Flanders and Cultuurcentrum Het Gasthuis.