Iva Bittová


Iva Bittová crosses all boundaries. The Czech violinist-vocalist moves gracefully between jazz, Eastern European folk, classical music and avant-garde. She plays the violin like no other and her voice covers an astonishing spectrum of timbres and styles, from shrill screams and chirps to lush, warm depths. Iva herself says that most of her music comes to her with violin in hand. She plays and sings and feels her way toward melodies and harmonies until they begin to melt into unique compositions with a creative power that leaves no listener untouched.

In 1999, Iva Bittová performed at Zonzo Compagnie’s OORSMEER festival in Vooruit Arts Centre in Ghent with a children’s choir. This performance made an astonishing impression on the audience and was one of the highlights in the festival’s 17-year history. Especially for Zonzo Compagnie, Iva was willing to remake this project for the 2012 editions of BIG BANG festival, OORSMEER’s European successor.


A production by Zonzo Compagnie in collaboration with ReMuA