At night all cats are gray


Anne Niepold & Zonzo Compagnie

When it gets dark, colors and shapes are slowly fading. One cat looks just like all the others. Grey! The wind, a creaking plank, a sigh, rustling in the bushes, the rain on the roof ... In the darkness we can see with our ears and imagination is our best buddy.

Accordionist Anne Niepold plays beautiful melodies, lets her instrument moan, whistle like a bird or bark like a dog. Anne is indeed fascinated by sounds, that's her world. She wonders why her accordion sounds different when it's dark or why cats meow nicer at night. 

Anne Niepold is an incredible talent, awarded with the prestigious Toots Thielemans Award. Without saying a single word, she surprises you with sounds, images, and subtle rays of light. She magically creates all kinds of wonderful melodies from her accordion and uses it as a sound machine. Sometimes you see her, sometimes you don't. But at any time, you can hear her accordion playing. 


Music & compositions: Anne Niepold
Coaching: Wouter Van Looy
Scenography & technician: Amber Vandenhoeck
A production by Zonzo Compagnie i.c.w.. cultural centre Luchtbal