Songs with Roots II


Zonzo Compagnie

With Songs with Roots I, Zonzo Compagnie has given almost 200 performances across Europe. For Songs with Roots II, Jan Van Outryve has once again scoured the inexhaustible archives of the ethno-musicologist Alan Lomax. With the singer Aline Goffin, he breathes new life into these musical treasures from across the world. Supported by illustrations created by the young and talented Portuguese animator Beatriz Bagulho, and accompanied by nothing more than one voice, a ukelele and a lute, Aline and Jan enthrall their audience during this simple, authentic and touching concert. Open to all over 5 years old.

Gorgeously-performed songs about life and death, happiness and sorrow. (De Standaard)

The worst imaginable thing happened: bitten by tarantula, a baby dies in its mother’s arms. Elan was there. It was the saddest thing she had ever experienced. That night, she didn’t get a wink of sleep. She left her bed to find her travel journal… Why? Where? For how long? she wrote. She had to know! When someone leaves us, where do they go? Why are we here? How long will it take for us to be forgotten? Will we come back one day? Elan thought that if there was someone who could answer her questions, it would surely be someone who had lived on Earth for a long time, a very long time. She packed up her rucksack, her recorder and set off. She wasn’t going to come back for some time.


ALINE GOFFIN voice JAN VAN OUTRYVE ukulele, lute & zither BEATRIZ BAGULHO set design & props

A production by Zonzo Compagnie - with the support of Flanders.