Sound & Body


Ictus Ensemble

Six Ictus Fellows have decided to take up the challenge of giving a concert without musical instruments. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty and work flat out to achieve their goal.

Four fascinating scores have been uncovered for the occasion. With Homework II, In the garage we delve into Francois Sahran’s toolbox in the hope of carrying out an impossible repair. With Francesco Filidei’s I Funerali dell' Anarchico Serantini we find ourselves in a law court where the public can also have its say. Then we sit around the table at home where all our problems are discussed and swept aside in the course of Thierry de Mey’s Musique de tables. We end up in the timber yard with Steve Reichs’ Music for Pieces of Wood where everything finally makes sense in this “happily ever after” tale.


Concept and performance: Ictus, Bozar Studios, J&M Brussel, ReMuA
Performers: Ictus Fellows Maria José Jeannin, Yukari Uekawa, Corey Klein, Adam Rosenblatt, Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan, Seth Woods
Sound: Hugues Rogie
Artistic direction : Tom Pauwels